Junior Young Scientists – Innovative material for early childhood development

1. Appropriateness of Products

“Junior Young Scientists”   is a new exciting magazine series for pre-school (4 to 6 years) children seeking to understand the world around them.    Conceptualized based on the intellectual level of pre-school going kids, “Junior Young Scientists” offers a fun learning window of simple science facts through a simple styled comic manner with carefully edited short stories, colourful illustrations, interesting science facts and fun loving activities to stimulate the child’s reading interest and provoke the child’s desire to continuously investigate and seek to understand the wonders of science and environments near and afar.

The featured stories in “Junior Young Scientists” are written with an interactive manner in mind where teachers/ parents are encouraged to read, explain, and simultaneously stimulate the child’s curiosity and at the same time provides the teachers/parents and the child an avenue to engage in the fun game time activities to spend quality time in a fruitful and fun-filled manner.


2. Credibility

Young Scientists Reader Pte Ltd is established as an associate firm to the Singapore publishing firm Young Scientists Pte Ltd which produces the much-loved “The Young Scientists” monthly magazine.

For the past 15 years, “The Young Scientists” series has provided hours of tremendous fun and presented scientific facts to the learning of Science among primary school children by an innovative medium to deliver syllabus-based Science information that captivates the attention of school children through the use of a comic-based magazine with series of short stories and topics centered on a Lower Block or Upper Block Science subject.  It is through the guiding principles of this medium that the Young Scientists magazine is borne.

Our current subscriber currently stands at approximately 18,000.

Meet Mrs Linda Anne Gwyneth Gan – our Editorial Consultant

Mrs Linda Gan was born and educated in the U.K. She holds a Master’s degree in Child Development from the University of London and was an Assistant Professor in the Early Childhood and Special Needs Academic Group at the NIE (National Institute of Education) for thirty years, training pre-school, primary and secondary school teachers.

During that time she has been engaged as an English language consultant for developing and coordinating language arts curricula for the MOE (Ministry of Education) – the Monolingual LEAP curriculum in 1985, the PAP Kindergarten syllabus in 1989, the MOE Kindergarten Framework in 2003 and most recently, in 2012, the new Social Studies Primary 4 materials, which are being introduced in schools in 2013.

She has published a number of research articles on areas of bilingual education, literacy and phonological awareness in young children and written a wide range of story and vocabulary enrichment books which promote children’s English language skills.

Further evidence of our credibility as a business are reflected in the comments from the emails to our Customer Service Team from two of our subscribers below:

From: Deborah Foo-Ong [mailto:debeeong@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, 3 March, 2014 9:44 AM
To: Young Scientists Reader Pte Ltd
Subject: (C) RE: Young Scientists – Renewal 2014

Thank you, we received all the copies in good order, together with the free gifts 🙂 Kids loved them 🙂 Thanks again.

They simply could not put down the magazines.  Morning, noon and night Young Scientists anytime, all the time. I have to “threaten” to confiscate all the YS mags in order to get them to put down the mags to eat/do their work ^_^|| not sure if it’s a good problem for me to have or not but you sure are doing a great job keeping the kids engaged! 😀

Keep up the good work, YS!



From: Peter Lim [mailto:docpete.lim@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, 14 May, 2014 10:54 AM
To: Young Scientists Reader Pte Ltd
Subject: (C) Re: [Young Scientists Reader] Order invoice

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for delivering the correct item. Your guy Mr Rahman was very prompt, but we were unable to meet him to give back the other item that day.

I will arrange with him to pick it up from us this couple of days.


Dr Peter Lim


3. Quality of products

With the positive feedback and encouragement from primary school educators and parents, and after careful analysis of the pre-school learning environment, we are proud to take a bold step into the pre-schools with the introduction of our “Junior Young Scientists” series with the objective of enhancing the existing kindergarten curriculum.

The topics of the magazines gradually expose the young reader to the basic scientific concepts of Cycles (Life Cycles), Diversity (Living and Non-living things) and Interactions (Habitats, Behaviour of Animals) through a series of interesting short stories related to the everyday happenings around them in a language simple enough for the child to understand and challenging enough to learn new vocabularies for their ages and bright colourful illustrations to enhance and entice the little ones’ interest and attention span.

As a fun-reading resource, the magazine features a Pre-Story time section mainly made up of Poems and Rhymes related to the main stories and a Game Time section after every story consisting of some simple fun activities to improve the motor and numeracy skills of the little ones.  Real-life and actual photographs of subjects are added in the Facts Page to further help the little ones better relate to the featured stories with real-life examples.

Simple subjective questions at the end of the stories provide another interactive avenue for teachers/ parents to further open up the creative aspects and stimulate critical thinking in the child.

Please log onto our website www.youngscientistsreader.com.sg to take a browse at our sample for “Junior Young Scientists” and other products that we are offering.


Value for Money

Special Discount – Special discounts will be given at the event.  Currently, the “Junior Young Scientists” (Set of 5) is retailing at SGD$20.00 at both Popular & MPH bookstores and at SGD$18.00 during our promotion at events.  At ECDA, the set will be retailing at SGD$15.00 only and comes with free gift.

Free Gift – An exclusive “The Young Scientists” dairy or T-Shirt retailing at our website at SGD$10.00 shall be given away free with the purchase of every SGD$30.00.  All “Junior Young Scientists” set will come with a free “Junior Young Scientists” woven Bag.

t-shirtJunior non-woven bagDiary


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